About us

Czech firm Bohemia Breeding, export – import, as is a company with more than thirty years of tradition in breeding cattle. The company focuses mainly on fattening cattle and store cattle. It is set in its own stables with a capacity of 6,000 units, or contractors with the capacity of 3,000 pieces. The amount of fattened cattle allows complete balanced group of animals within a specified weight category according to customer requirements. In the cattle market Bohemia Breeding applies its years of experience in the European market (Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, etc.), but also the world market (Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, etc.). Employees of the company have extensive experience in the organization of loading and handling to its destination using a truck and shipping. Bohemia Breeding, thanks to many years of experience in the fattening of cattle with the production of high quality animals received continuous confidence of domestic and foreign customers.